Slurry Dry Solidification


Slurry Dry

SlurryDry is a non-hazardous Super Absorbent used in industry to solidify slurries into landfill accepted solids.  -SlurryDry only adds 1-2% to waste volume for decreased hauling costs.- SlurryDry solidifies immediately reducing process time.-SlurryDry will help pass the landfill PFLT-SlurryDry will help waste pass TCLP-Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (EPA Method 1311)-Helps pass EPA 9095B paint filter test for compliant landfill disposal.


1. Add 1 lb of SlurryDry for each 5-10 gallons of slurry.  If excess water has been removed, dosage is reduced.

2.  Mix until all drying crystals have made contact in water to start absorption.

3.  Add SlurryDry if a dryer consistency is desired.  

4.  Evaporation will reduce bulk weight over time through evaporation   

SlurryDry for Concrete Slurry Disposal

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Pail Technique for Small Jobs

  • Line a standard 5 gallon pail with trash bag.  If less than 3 mil. thickness, consider double lining.  The bag will weigh almost 50 lbs when filled, which is considered heavy lifting for employees.
  • Add 1 scoop of SlurryDry into the bottom of the bag to speed up solidification
  • Fill the bag with waste slurry and add another scoop of SlurryDry on top.  Mix or shake until all particles have been activated.
  • Allow to solidify until it becomes a non flowing solid.  Use zip tie to seal the bag to prevent spillage of the gelled solids.  
  • Tip pail on side and drag out to complete process. It is now ready for compliant disposal.


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