SlurrySep drops solids and color pigment in one step.

Concrete / stone Slurry Management

Slurry Solutions was established to help Contractors find better ways to manage and dispose of concrete slurry wastewater. 

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Save Time, money. avoid fines, help the environment

Slurry Processing with SlurrySep and SlurryDry

the reason to use this product

Compare SlurryDry against brand X in high pH water.

SlurrySafe AR-Cleaner and ph reducer

Slurry Management Ideas to try

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SlurrySep Flocculant reacting with color pigmented concrete.

Bentonite Based Flocculant for Slurry Solids Separation and Dewatering


SlurryDry super absorbent polymers solidify concrete wastewater.

For Solidification of Concrete Slurry Wastewater for Compliant Disposal.



Environmentally Friendly 

Concrete & Slurry Remover.

SlurrySafe AR


Patented Synthetic Safe Acid for pH Reduction and Concrete Removal

Equipment to help get it done

Felt Lined Dewatering Filter Bags


NEW (Single  Use)   Felt  Lined  Dewatering  Filter  Bag.    High Flow Design

SlurryStation with Dewatering Filter Bag

SlurryStation for job site concrete slurry management. the system allows for water recycling.

For slurry solids filtration and water recycling on the job site.

Reusable Dewatering Filter Bags

Dewatering Filter Bags are an economical method to separate  water from slurry solids.

Contain and Filter Concrete Slurry Water for Recycling or Compliant Disposal. 

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